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Monday, March 25, 2013

That makes no sense 

Some ideas are so irrational they befuddle a rational mind. Here are a few from current news.

Food stamp benefits are designed to help the less-fortunate, who are temporarily unproductive, with taxpayer-supported vouchers for food. They are issued as well to people in the country illegally who are not paying taxes, and not financially productive.

However, our government is spending money advertising our food stamp program in and to foreign consulates. An effort by Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions to block funding for the advertising was defeated by a party line (12-10) committee vote.

So, our national policy is to use taxpayers’ money to advertise overseas the benefits of being unproductive residents in the U.S.? We want to target school dropouts for immigration?

Not caused by union growth

In the 1950s and 1960s California was an acknowledged leader in public education. Now, we compete with Washington D.C. and Mississippi at the bottom of the list.

The tailspin in our educational system has been blamed on changing economics (which have affected all states) and Spanish speaking students (a growing population in many states). It has even been blamed on the property tax restrictions imposed by Proposition 13. However, the drop most closely parallels the increase teachers’ unions.

In fact, the growth of teachers’ unions is almost exactly proportional to our drop in public education rating. Both the unions and the teachers insist that the drop in ratings is not caused by teachers’ union growth in spite of the clear relationships shown in the statistics.

The teachers, especially, remind us that statistical correlation is not evidence of cause and effect. But. . .

But if you're talking about something else

Many of the same teachers and union officers insist that a selection of parallels between increasing human activity and increasing global temperatures “prove” that “global warming" is caused by more humans burning more fossil fuels. In this case, the statistical relationship is accepted as “proof” of cause and effect.

Similar reasoning leading to dissimilar conclusions suggests irrational thinking. Correlation isn’t cause whether the statistics are about education or temperature.

Advice to women: barf trumps guns

How about the patronizing, even misogynic, advice by Limousine Liberals to women who fear being raped? Vomit, urinate, and defecate to disgust your attacker? (Assuming you can do so whenever you decide to, even if you’re scared half to death!) Tell the rapist you are HIV positive?

Crime researchers who study male-->female rape divide the crime into “acquaintance rape;” forcing sex on a companion who says “no,” and stranger rape.

Acquaintance rape

Many acquaintance rapes are a result of undisciplined men who daydream themselves as hypersexual “studs.” Perhaps such a person would be so turned off – or frightened by the threat of AIDS – that he would “cease and desist” in his push for sex.

But why is a woman supposed to soil and demean herself because her date is rude and criminally abusive? Why should she sully her reputation with her peers by advertising an STD? Shouldn't we give the same advice to boys who might be molested? Why shouldn’t we encourage women to defend themselves?

Stranger rape rarely about sex 

Most stranger rape, according to interviews with incarcerated offenders, is of someone who simply meets the rapists’ criteria. Perhaps a woman visits a warehouse or a park at night, or wears revealing clothes and walks alone to her car in a parking lot.

The so-called stranger rapes are most often motivated by anger at women in general, or by an insane desire to hurt and/or humiliate women. The perpetrators are seeking evidence of pain and humiliation, sometimes with a view to “punish” women for their perceived sexuality or their assumed sexual behaviors with other men.

Why, then, should we suggest that women degrade themselves in the hope that a violently crazy person who wants to hurt them will be disgusted and leave?

Irrational belief leads to fatal errors

It seems irrational to us. If someone breaks into your home to threaten you and yours, you may shoot them – dead. If someone robs your business and threatens your employees, you may shoot them – dead. And, since the police are not able to be everywhere at all times, you may someday be called on to defend yourself and yours until they arrive.

But, if you are a woman facing forced sex, sodomy, injury, and often murder, you should crap your pants, cry, and try to convince your attacker you have an STD?

Are they near-humans, like pets

Perhaps the Limousine Liberals believe that women are a type of sub-level human who should be protected from reality. Perhaps they believe that women are too weak in will and mental ability to be “trusted” with firearms.

Patronizing, arrogance, a supercilious belief that they know best what is best for others? That’s a pretty good description for the term “limousine liberal.” Misogyny also comes to mind.

“Full of it,” seems appropriate, as well.

If it doesn't make sense it isn't sensible 

If a policy can’t survive public awareness, and public discussion or debate, it’s probably based upon beliefs that can’t be defended rationally, either. Irrational beliefs lead to irrational advice, and ultimately to stupid and often self-defeating and even fatally-erred behavior.

When you read the comments in our Daily Pilot and OC Register, think about whether the comments are rational debate – or not so much.

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