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Monday, August 27, 2012

Why  is it necessary to mislead us 2 (updated)?

(Please note that this blog addresses a post on the CM4RG website that has been moved and replaced with a "plain vanilla" version of the arguments.)

This is the second of a series in response to CM4RG’s website posting of an article by Terry Koken, WHY THE CHARTER IS A BAD DEAL FOR COSTA MESA (VERSION 3 CHARTER – JULY 31, 2012). Again I’m addressing the question of why I see propaganda, disinformation, and fear mongering instead of rational argument.
And now, for another claim in the argument against the City Charter:
B.   The earliest that changes to the charter can take place is June 2014 and requires 8,600 signatures to get on the ballot. (Article 9)
Article 9, as amended, states:

This Charter, and any of its provisions, may be amended by a majority vote of the qualified voters voting on the question. Amendment or repeal may be proposed by initiative or by the City Council. (An initiative would require signatures of a percentage of voters.)

And 901 Review of the Charter states:

The City Council shall hold a public hearing during the second meeting of every tenth year after this Charter is adopted to determine if a Charter Review Commission is needed to review the City Charter, and report to the City Council suggested amendments, if any, for consideration and possible action. This section in no way limits the provisions of Section 900.

Only changed by the electorate -- fair enough

So, the Charter must be amended by the voters, and amendments may be proposed by the electorate or by the City Council at any time. Since a charter serves as a constitution for the city, it seems wise to amend it only through Costa Mesa’s voters. If anyone who believes a change should be made to the Charter can convince the legally-required sample of Costa Mesa voters that such a change is needed, the change will appear on the ballot for the next election.

The earliest that changes can be made is 2014: well, if the Charter is approved in November 2012, takes effect in 2013, and changes are then proposed, they will be subjected to a vote. If all of the required notices and delays line up wrong, the changes might not be scheduled for the ballot until November 2013; in that case the changes would take effect in 2014.

Disinformation can be defined as,

Deliberately misleading information announced publicly  . . . for the purpose of influencing opinions or perceptions. Unlike misinformation, which is also a form of wrong information, disinformation is produced by people who intend to deceive their audience.”
And, it might be noted that:
“Fear is one of the most primordial human emotions and therefore lends itself to effective use by propagandists. . . .Fear being fundamentally irrational, it is one of the techniques most widely used by propagandists.”
Why the appeal to fear, why the disinformation? Why propaganda instead of discussion? We’ll talk about that 600 pound gorilla soon to help identify some reasons for trying to mislead us.

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