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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What is expected  

Today we’ll discuss news items about a Las Vegas trip to promote the City and also one about a local man who was killed in an explosion, probably a suicide.

Belongs at the scene

The last item was terrible, as suicides and pipe bombs are. Costa Mesa’s Mayor visited the scene, as Mayors do in disasters. The Mayor is the senior government officer of the city and belongs at the scene or at least in contact with the scene.

He may need to mobilize more resources. Maybe he just needs to be brought up to date in case more is needed; or in case families should be contacted. Maybe he needs to explain what is known to the public.

Yes,he’ll need to go into the disaster area, however distasteful that might be. A respectful leader will stay out of the way of the professionals – the law enforcement officers (LEO) – but he’ll be there. Righeimer waited until invited to cross the police line by LEOs. He was a leader being where he belonged, for the right reasons, and respecting the professionals at the scene.

Leaders get out in front and lead

Our Mayor leads from the front when disasters, horrors, sports events, City celebrations, or anything of significance happens in Costa Mesa. Military officers learn that they must be present, and must be available to listen, help, or participate when they are in command. Police and fire officers learn to follow and use a chain of command, and to respect it because it works.

A lesser man might use the event for his personal publicity – we didn't see a press conference to announce Righeimer was at the scene of the explosion. He just went to work.

If you haven't done it

People who've avoided the challenge of command or the demands of public office haven’t “walked in the shoes” of those who have. They need more than snarky comments to be taken seriously. Research and interviewing those they distrust could make their observations credible.

Trip to Vegas

Now for the Las Vegas convention that's on the City Council agenda tonight.

The City is a member of International Association of Shopping Centers (IASC) in order to contact and attract business to Costa Mesa. The Mayor and Pro Tem represent our City's governmental authority, and the accompanying staff represents the “how to” for businesses interested in coming to our City. They are going to Las Vegas to build awareness of Costa Mesa in large businesses.

Next, both men are quite successful, so a free trip to Las Vegas isn't likely to be personally valuable to them. The trip interrupts their personal and professional lives. But, there’s entertainment in Vegas, so, they may be able to play a slot or see a show. The City Staffers with them may see the trip as a boon, though.

So what?

Why bring up what seems so obvious? A local blogger is looking askance about the Mayor daring to cross the police line while other residents had to remain behind it until the investigation was completed. 

Earlier he speculated suspiciously about having Mensinger and Righeimer go to Las Vegas at City expense. That is, he’s critical of what the Mayor and Pro Tem do -- just  because he doesn't like them – period.

Criticize away, but find the facts first

There’s nothing wrong with criticism. That’s what keeps politicians, police officers, and newspaper editors honest. Lack of criticism is dangerous to our society. And the right to criticize is one guaranteed by our Constitution.

But would it be too much to ask for some research, some thought? If the Mayor is doing what he's supposed to do, find something else to criticize.

Why not ask him

Wouldn't you think that someone with so many suspicions would ask the Mayor for answers? The Mayor is available; in fact Righeimer was about a mile from the blogger’s home for the first Meet the Mayor

And the Pro Tem is walking over every street in Costa Mesa, with anyone interested invited to join him three mornings a week. (They don’t even have to join the “Costa Mayberry Walking Club” and wear an official T-shirt!)

So is the uninformed criticism bland or vile? Neither, it's just bleh. Predictable and irrelevant.

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