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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Participate in your rescue

Tips from a street cop apply to the City

No. 1: You Must Be an Active Participant in Your Own Rescue

No, the cavalry isn't going to arrive in time. Police response times are measured in minutes while crimes in progress are measured in seconds. Stopping a crime in progress is highly unlikely, regardless of how many police are on duty at the time. More police available means better investigation and documentation, which will be great when the perpetrator goes to trial.
If you're unemployed don't expect someone else to find you a job. If you don’t like your current situation – change it. If you’re in a bad relationship, break up and move on. No one affects your life more than you do so don’t rely on others to do it for you.

Costa Mesa isn't going to be saved by Sacramento – Sacramento wants to be re-elected, Sacramento wants to please large voting blocks, Sacramento wants to support those who funded their election. 

If Costa Mesa is going to survive Sacramento’s interference, Costa Mesans have to do it. The sooner we cut the apron strings to the capital, the sooner and more likely we'll get results we like.

No. 2: If You Don’t Know, Don’t Go

Never enter a place you don’t know how to escape. If a business or residence catches fire or comes under fire, you need to know how to get out. Find out before you sit down or bounce on the bed. Glance over the area to see if someone looks hinky – you may not remember arresting him or dating his girlfriend – but he will remember.

A charter tells a city how to get from here to there; it can guide us out of trouble and keep us out of trouble; we need a good one. Firm priorities and specific procedures will get us out safely when the economy goes south.

Watch out for self-appointed leaders and appointed czars; they may block change. They may thwart escape from escalating debt or higher prices.

No. 3: When in Doubt—There Is No Doubt

Street experience hones the danger sense, but everyone has a “sixth sense” that tells them something isn't right. If you get the “I-should-leave” feeling, leave. Too many people tell themselves they’re prejudiced or silly – and get seriously injured. Sometimes bad guys look like bad guys – or sound like bad guys – or just seem bad. There’s no harm in leaving. Of all the people in the world to trust, you should be first on the list.

Costa Mesa government has made mistakes – some causing us a lot of debt Associations/unions, Sacramento legislators, and the CM4OE* say that fear of City financial failure is silly. They cite it as evidence of prejudice against labor unions.

There’s no harm in leaving the relationships that caused the debt. We don't want to wait until we have to cut services or seek bankruptcy protection.

There’s no harm in changing the relationships before we're hurt much worse.  

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