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Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Highly Do They Value Truth

Low price integrity

"’Every man has his price.’ This is not true. But for every man there exists a bait which he cannot resist swallowing.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

A server in the London Pub1 (an eclectic addition to the Westside) mentioned that people steal a lot of the copper cups used to serve their signature drinks.

(The drinks are called “Mules” which is a classification of mixed drinks that involve ginger ale or ginger beer. Moscow Mules are made with vodka, for instance – there are many other liquors used to make Mules, sometimes called “Bucks.”)

After cheating or stealing 

He added that some folks bring the cups back the next day after more sober reflection. But, whether they keep the cups or return them, the question is; “would you actually violate your principles for a $30 cup?” If not, what would be a bait you couldn’t resist?

Sometimes the violations of principle are impulsive and temporary, such as when a dieter decides to have a piece of pie. She usually will rationalize her decision; “It’s my ‘cheat’ day,” or “I deserve it; I worked out for an extra fifteen minutes this morning.”

Don't tolerate: Lying, Cheating, Stealing

In politics, what bait would cause a person to lie, cheat or steal? (The military academies consider these values so important that cadets vow to refrain from all three and to refuse to tolerate any of their brotherhood who lie, cheat, or steal.)

Or, for a journalist, whether paid or hobbyist, what bait is worth slanting a piece toward a specific viewpoint when sufficient data is available that shows the viewpoint erroneous? Or the price offered that would have the reporter – or blogger or commenter – ignore any information that doesn't fit preconceived notions?

Their price for ignoring truth and fairness

Which brings us to this question; what bait is offered to entice the CM4OE2 to suggest, directly or through innuendo, that the Mayor gets kickbacks from developers? What price induces commenters to suggest that the Pro Tem somehow pockets money by lighting free city parking lots?3

Or, what value would one find in accusing, abusing, and insulting the Mayor since 2008 (and probably before – that’s all the research we've done so far)?

Contrary evidence is prevalent

The troublemakers (more realistically, trouble attempters) must be aware of the significant accomplishments of the Mayor and Pro Tem, including COIN and infrastructure repair. They have to be aware of the Pro Tem’s “Contract with Costa Mesa”4 that outlines exactly what citizens can expect of him, and of the high ethics and personal compassion both demonstrate in their “off duty” lives

Project -- rationalize -- hate

How do haters rationalize their perfidy, their abstention from honesty and fairness? What is their price?

There may be motivations we don’t know about, or the “bait” may be emotional aberrations better addressed by mental health professionals. But, so far it seems that their “price” is even lower than that of the thieves who steal copper cups from a pub.

If they've set their integrity’s price so low, how much do they value their veracity?

1 512 W 19th St Costa Mesa, CA 92627
2 Acronym for a (created) group: Costa Mesans for Opposing Everything. See: CM4OE defined

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