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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Anybody got a copy?

Applauding the government -- 

We were questioned in the Blog comments (still under repair) about our unwavering support for “government.” That’s not correct.  At present we believe that the Council majority is causing positive effects in Costa Mesa. Government beneficence is not endemic, though.

For example, consider the I405 nonsense. The cities affected in our area believed that the Caltrans HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle – or toll lane) plans were inimical to their residents, and in a concerted effort led by our then-mayor Bever, convinced the board to adopt widening plans instead of toll road plans. It might be noted that the funds to build came via approval of voters for the non-toll road option.

Members of the board were replaced. The new board re-considered and then voted to build the toll road anyway, in what we believe to be an egregious disregard for the will of the populace.

Note that the arguments about HOV lanes are not the issue here; the will of the citizens being thwarted by special interest groups is the point we’re discussing.

Answer is no 

So, no, we don’t unilaterally support “government.” We consider it  at the present time to be less representative of the people, at all levels, than it probably was in 1775.

We do believe that the current Council members are each very concerned for Costa Mesa’s welfare and that every one of them works hard to drive the City in the direction they envision for her. The goals and the means to the goals differ, of course, but all appear to be devoted and diligent and most demonstrate integrity, as we understand it, in Council matters. In this sense we support our City government.


All five of the Council members will probably err today and will say something stupid this week. That’s true of each of us in Costa Mesa. If any politician or prominent person does or says something irrational this blog may address the irrational statement and criticize the logic

We do not try to condemn the person, nor do we try to hide their identity; we simply focus on the idea.

Critics hidden in the "anonymous" woods 

To: Three commenters, who listed themselves as “anonymous” and provided no name or email to be vetted. 

We've been unable to find a copy of the “party line” for any conservative or Republican group in Costa Mesa or Orange County, so we really can't tell if we support such a thing or not. That probably addresses the “Kool Aid” comment as well. 

If anyone would be so kind as to give us a copy or a link to the party line we’d be grateful. Even a list of the “insiders” who have access to the party line might be useful; we'll ask them for a copy.

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