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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Could they be right?

Misguided or Misuser

Could the Chronic Complainers (CC) be right? For this last issue on the police/park/lawsuits concerns let’s address some of the complaints directly.

Let’s start with the pretense of concern about the dirt (decomposed granite -- DG) on the paths in Fairview Park.

In some cases volunteer groups stepped up and did necessary work which was being neglected as the City spent its money elsewhere. Sometimes needed work was done by the city on an unplanned, ad hoc basis. They had good intentions but poor documentation and may not have even been aware of constraints that applied. Like “Larry the Cable Guy,” they just “got ‘er done” on many small projects all over Fairview Park.

And kids have built bike jumps and bluff steps without City oversight.

Offer a reward to embarrass somebody

The CC want to identify and castigate whoever added DG to a couple of paths in a small corner of the park. If they actually had a concern for the park they'd be out helping maintain it and making it better. Instead, they're just using the park as a political weapon.

Thievery is up, hire more cops

Hire more police to fight the increase in crime. Petty crime dropped radically since 1997 or so, and began an uptick recently coincident with the early release of criminals and the increase in unregulated recovery homes. Further, more police doesn't equate to less crime, as we've demonstrated; community involvement does.

Are the CC involved and helping? No, they're part of the problem.

Are they reporting suspicious folks who are prowling around parked cars in a church lot, or is their community involvement primarily accusing Council members of lying and stealing? Are they finding graffiti and calling the City for its removal, or is their community involvement just disrupting Planning Commission meetings with unruly behavior?

Attitudes and whining

The CC argue that “the Mayor’s animosity” creates a “negative” atmosphere in the CMPD that deters recruitment. Reality is, police are now in short supply so candidates can pick and choose jobs. Line cops say the most important factor in choosing a department is leadership; the second is the professionalism of the department. CMPD exhibits excellence in both -- in most cases.

Can cops “bad mouthing” the department suggest to candidates that the department is unprofessional? Sure, grumbling, whiny cops might repel professionals – fortunately we haven't seen many in CMPD.

Positives that attract 

Costa Mesa is a great place for families; parks, youth sports, shopping, and an educated and productive population. That will attract professionals, whether they practice medicine, teaching or police work.

Negatives that repel

The contentious, negative atmosphere, where it is found, is generated by complainers and blamers and excuse makers. The professional officers – and government employeesseek excellence in performing their duties; realizing that no place is perfect, they work to improve their jobs and their city. Their professionalism attracts more productive people to Costa Mesa.

The threat to Costa Mesa is the whiners and complainers – who do little, but criticize lots.

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