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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hubris in the house 

We've noticed some comments following articles about members of the City Council. In particular, we've noticed that many of the folks who used to be opposed to just about everything are now “suspicious” and “unconvinced.” They are wary about nearly every positive statement – or attribute – about or from Mensinger and Righeimer, the Mayor and Mayor ProTem.

Perhaps this, by itself, is an improvement; instead of being against, they’re just suspicious. Fortunately, most of the suspicious commenters are part of the small group that hates the Council majority members. It’s easy to recognize them by their similar comments and by their avatars of children, young and attractive women, or men in costume hats.

Does it matter what they think

But wait a minute. They aren't members of the Council, and they aren't involved in positive actions like promoting Costa Mesa (quite the contrary, actually).  Apparently these people only protest and complain; they all are suspicious. One might say, accurately, that they don’t solve the problems, they contribute to the problems.

Stating their suspiciousness is an example of Hubris – extreme pride or arrogance, often with a loss of contact with reality. In a grand overestimation of their own capabilities, they declare “but I’m waiting to see what he’ll do” or “I’m still suspicious” or “I don’t believe him.” They are waiting with squinted eyes – but, since they do little beyond complaining – endlessly --, their disbelief and waiting affect nothing about the operations or growth of Costa Mesa, helpful or harmful.

Who cares, you don't do anything

“I’m still suspicious.” Who cares?

Those who act – doers – ask or demand of the Council members. They modify or learn more about policies, and go on to do – something to help Costa Mesa. They have an effect on the City, and their support is needed.

Those who are waiting to see – continue to do nothing, as they have for a long time. They don’t affect Costa Mesa, they just whine and annoy – like mosquitoes.

If you do nothing, your disbelief doesn't matter. Keep it to yourself, or appear a poster child for HUBRIS, no matter how many strokes your fellow complainers give you for voicing your suspicions. If you want your views to be taken seriously, start doing something – to help Costa Mesa grow and improve.

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