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Monday, June 17, 2013

Against everything especially the Mayor

The focus of the anti-everything folks is: personalities.

(They're anti- lots, including Huntington Beach desalination and Newport Beach’s cooperation with Costa Mesa, and they're anti- the charter and most Costa Mesa committee appointments and City projects.)

Things worth opposing

There are unsavory aspects about Costa Mesa agencies that deserve some anger.

The Sanitary District has an “evergreen” contract, automatically renewing without competition. An audit revealed that the contractor, CR&R, is not providing enough information to demonstrate that their pricing is “the best,” as guaranteed in the contract. Trash customers pay an extra fee to sort out recyclables from the trash, but the company will provide no information about how much the recycling is worth. (Audit)

There are also local school boards that have issued bonds which will cost taxpayers up to 35 times the face value, called Capital Appreciation Bonds, or CABs. The banks that issue and sell the bonds provided the political expertise to get the bonds passed. That’s supposed to be illegal. (Bonds)

Give contracts to friends. . .

Some local school districts issue a contract without bids and have the favored contractor sue the city. A judge’s default order follows which forbids further opposition to the contract. This gets around laws against “sole source” contracts. (Contracts) (About Cheating)

Do naysayers object?

What have the naysayers said about the non-competitive trash contract? Nothing. What about the sole source contracting for schools? Nothing. How about the misuse of school bonds by skirting the law, the sole-source  . . . No point in going on, the complainers we hear from so often did not speak out against any of these travesties.

What arouses naysayers?

What are these naysayers opposing right now?

Costa Mesa’s Mayor wrote an accolade for the City’s CEO. But he didn't mention that other City employees are doing without an automatic pay raise, and are contributing more toward their own pensions

Somehow that equates to a sub-rosa attempt to fool the voters and malign the employees. Specifically, he says: (Commentary)

. . . The answer is simple: politics. Righeimer is hoping everyone is asleep at the wheel so he can create Tom Hatch as some shining beacon of sacrifice for the city when the reality is all Costa Mesa employees have made significant concessions. Be careful you don’t choke on Righeimer’s smoke screen.”

His point seems to be that other employees have contributed to the City, too, so the Mayor is “dissing” them by not commending them, too. The whiner insists that other employees’ weren't recognized in the Mayor's letter, as if that diminished Mr. Hatch’s contributions or negated the Mayor’s praise.

The nay-sayers aren't for open and honest government as they claim; they are against the Mayor personally. They don't oppose probable impropriety in government; they oppose the Mayor and the Mayor Pro tem.

CM4OE covers them

We might call them the “Costa Mesans for opposing everything Mayor Righeimer or Pro Tem Mensinger say or doCM4OE for Costa Mesans for Opposing (almost) Everything.” It would be an accurate description of their focus.

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