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Friday, September 14, 2012

Candidates Deserve Better Opposition

Re: “Contract with Costa Mesa” by Steve Mensinger in the Daily Pilot 14 Sep.,0,6784697.story

Too honest to be a politician

What a refreshing new perspective! A politician who says, “here’s what I believe our problems are, what I believe the city needs, and what I intend to do to solve the problems and meet Costa Mesa’s  needs." If we had such a statement from each candidate it would be easy to cast a relatively rational vote.

In the same issue Colin McCarthy attacks a city retirement that started at $145K/year at age 50 and is now up to $165K, but he isn’t clear about why the cop got that retirement – he seems focused on the unfairness issue. He does identify that retirement as a symptom of the problems, though.

Howling from the woods the night before

Then there are the commenters; blogger Geoff was out of the gates last night with a “foaming at the mouth” diatribe that asserts:  Mensinger made mistakes, he isn’t perfectly transparent, and he is motivated by dire and nefarious motives. Almost enough to convince me that if someone that bigoted is so very furious with a promise list by a candidate, the candidate is probably hitting some good points and I could just vote for him and forego the research. (If he has such a dogmatic, partisan and inflexible enemy, can he be all bad?)

Another comment in the Pilot by Geoff about McCarthy’s piece is similar. However, his blog today is at least coherent, although still an accusative and angry tirade without much substance. He doesn’t belabor Colin’s body habitus and facial muscle imbalance personally today, but his followers get right on it. Can body habitus serve as a sign of worthiness?  I have a fat belly; since I’m disagreeing with Geoff it must be evidence of some sinister trait. Besides eating, that is.

They deserve better, really

I think that Steve and Colin and the charter deserve a lot better opposition and criticism. And a lot better opponents. After all, there are some rational arguments against the charter and against Monahan, McCarthy, and Mensinger. But snide sarcasm, name calling, and accusations of vile intent,? Come on! And the three “anti-3M’s” can’t find better arguments against the charter than vague fear mongering -- “It’s what’s left out that’s important” (such as continuing to follow current practices under state law, I guess). Their arguments, if they can be called that, come under two headings: “monster under the bed,” and, “if it’s from them it’s bad, evil, wicked – and sneaky.”

If all you can do is "NAY!" then go away

If Stephens and Weitzberg, especially, and Genis to some degree (through her CM4RG support), conduct their campaigns by hate mongering, name calling, and making misleading statements about the charter they fear, how would they conduct Council business? Weitzberg has already asserted his pride about shouting down a dissenter, so maybe that’s how he’ll deal with a Council Member or a citizen who disagrees with him. Stephens charges a high hourly fee to listen to and research issues in his law office, but he hasn’t taken the time to research issues in this campaign, as both he and Genis admitted during their last “feet to the fire” debate. Will he be able to listen and do the research necessary to be informed – without an hourly fee?

We just need better opposition

McCarthy and Mensinger have taken large strides toward a positive, competitive campaign. Weitzberg’s only positive stance, that I’ve heard or read, is that he wants Costa Mesa to violate federal law and regulate “medical marijuana” dispensaries – like his wife’s – to keep their number small, and competition down I guess. 

Stephens is willing to study the issues someday, perhaps when he has time between his law clients. And Sandra looks pretty and perky and assures us nothing bad happened on her watch although “everyone” is trying to blame her for all of the city’s ills.

Mensinger and McCarthy, and Proposition V, deserve rational opposition.

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