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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"They stole our place on the patio!"

Apparently a local blogger has taken his intimidation classes seriously. 

Before the Council meeting last night, Geoff was upset that another group set their table in the place that his CM4RG (I think that’s the correct acronym and name) usually uses. So, he scowled, and mumbled incomprehensible comments as he photographed them. Huh! That’ll teach ‘em, I guess. But threatening mumbles and “documenting” their presence wasn’t enough – he accused them in today’s blog of being “childish” by usurping “CM4RG’s spot.”

I talked to the two guys handing out “Yes on Measure V” signs and neither had been aware that CM4RG was usually in that place – they just got there a little early so they’d have time to set up before visitors arrived. 

Different strokes

Different perspectives – and the usual ascribing motives, labeling . . . I don’t know if that’s Geoff’s normal tone or if he’s frightened by folks who would dare to disagree. Or something else, who knows; maybe it’s just a reflection of dyspepsia.

In comparing the folks at the two tables, I noticed a significant difference in use of some muscles. Those to the left of the door, and Geoff, apparently have weak zygomaticus majors* – they only smile at each other and at the two police officers in the room. The folks at the right-side table smiled at about everybody, including me and even Geoff as he scowled and mumbled. Their zygomaticus majors must be well-developed.

Need some adults

I had to leave the meeting early, so I didn’t get to watch the confrontation-as-entertainment that got going during the public comments. However, the description I heard was embarrassing, so I think that the video may be upsetting for someone new to Costa Mesa Council meetings. 

Some meetings remind me of the old (rephrased a bit) riddle: “What’s the difference between a Boy Scout Troop meeting and a Costa Mesa Council meeting?  The Boy Scouts have adult leadership.”

*Medical and dental folks recognize the zygomaticus majors as “smile muscles.”

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