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Friday, September 7, 2012

Propaganda and other foolishness this wee

If you shout loudest you win

Harold Weitzberg’s letter in the Daily Pilot 1 Sep suggests that he considers “shouting down” people who disagree with him in a Council Meeting a valid response, and one he’s proud of.
“. . . And I will shout him down wherever he appears in Costa Mesa to spew his divisive rhetoric.”
I wonder if that’s the technique he used to rear his children, manage the businesses (he claims) he managed, and the tactic he plans to use if he joins the City Council. Perhaps the concept of “rule of law” eludes him, but if the loudest screamer is the winner, well . . . that sounds more like anarchy and we don’t need a charter for that. Most of the divisive rhetoric I’ve seen so far comes from his supporting group, CM4RG, anyway.

Attack a straw man

Harold's straw man, a Mr. Dayton, hasn’t acknowledged Harold nor has Weitzberg identified a difference that can be resolved by “getting it straight between (us).” However, he used the words to create an introduction to his name calling – as usual without anything but his own opinion as documentation. He also has identified Mr. Dayton’s purposes without asking Dayton, through, I suppose some omniscience or in-depth guesswork:
“Let's get it straight between you and me, Mr. Dayton. You are a pandering lobbyist trying to insinuate yourself into our Costa Mesa government so that you can raise your visibility for other's (sic) of your ilk, who want to use strong arm methods to muscle citizens away from their rights for fair government and quality of life.”

In reality  . . .

The only strong arm tactics identified so far during this election have to do with a PI working for “somebody else, not us,” and a manual of tactics from a legal firm. I doubt that Dayton is a member of the firm or a union rep for the PD, and it’s Harold trying to get into Costa Mesa government, not Dayton.
Then, regarding the proposed charter:
“It takes the power away from the citizens of Costa Mesa. It puts our city in real jeopardy for abuse and cronyism in the future.”
That’s the CM4RG party line, certainly, but it is not justified by the document. Does the term “fear mongering” ring a bell?  Since these assertions are repeated by each of the CM4RG sponsored candidates, over and over, without reference to the charter’s actual provisions, I can believe that Harold and the group have read Joseph Goebbels' -- and Adolph Hitler’s -- advice (about propaganda): "The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.

If you don't look like me, then you can't be (a Council member)

Now is appearance going to define the election? Is “looking different” detrimental to good public service?

The Bubbling Cauldron on 4 Sep criticized McCarthy’s hunched back and uneven smile as slouching and smirking. I shudder to think how the blogger would lambaste one born without arms (Phocomelia) who disagreed with him.  Further, I’m sure Colin will stipulate that he isn’t as pretty or perky as Sandy, nor as big as Steve – and he may even agree that his Spanish is rustier than Harold’s. However, he’s informed about the issues, unlike Sandy and John -- the other attorney – who are competing with him for the seats. Maybe he doesn't lose $385 per hour, though, while he studies the issues – like the other attorney.

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