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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Found another blog (Updated 21 Sep)

Today I was checking the news and some of the more irrational blogs surveying propaganda techniques used in this election, and I found a new blog. Actually, I was referred to it by a hysterical, semi-homophobic outburst from a regular blogger.  

Fear and loathing in the cauldron

After reading this in Geoff West’s blog, I was intrigued:

...  He posts photos of me frequently on his blog…  I speculated recently that he might "have a thing" for me … today he posted what apparently is one of his favorite photos of me …and told his readers that he was trying to imagine me 'in tights'.  Too weird! 

That certainly sounds ominous, and definitely weird. So I looked up an H. Millard on the blog CM Press and found the comment that got Geoff so excited:

…this pathetic, whining Geoff West, who apparently sees himself as part of a lefty rapid response team--sort of a super hero of the left (yeah, imagine this guy in tights)--rushes in with another negative whine.

Say what?

Uncomplimentary, but that's the only reference to tights, and the profile pictures he posts of Geoff are, well, like the "Walmartians have Landed" pics that circulate on the web. They're clearly not fan photos. Geoff goes on in his blog comment:

So, to set the record straight - so to speak - I find these bizarre shows of attention from this chest-thumping Neanderthal bully to be completely unwelcome.  I'm a VERY HAPPILY married - 45 years and counting - heterosexual man.  … (he) will have to visualize someone else in his "Deliverance-on-the-log" fantasies.  Ewwwww!  He will have to find another subject of his pent-up, prurient passions - perhaps in the back woods of West Virginia.

I wonder if this is a case of simple over-reaction, or if it’s an example of a phrase Shakespeare made famous, “Methinks (the lady) doth protest overmuch.”

Slanted for sure, but refreshing

Political commentary can sure be fascinating, intriguing, even confusing – but it's so rarely logical. So, CM Press is refreshing in that it seems logical and fact-oriented, although it’s certainly solidly slanted strongly conservative, possibly even Libertarian. He expresses some radical, perhaps distorted, views about race (actually ethnicity).  H. Millard uses pictures, like Geoff, but doesn't use the ALL CAPS and multiple exclamation points that Geoff does. And Millard makes more use of sharp wit than of name calling and labeling. Bigoted? Perhaps. But he shows some actual reasoning in the three blog entries I looked at. And thinking bloggers are rare.

Newspaper endorsed 3Ms

Geoff may have been unhappy (or dyspepsic, see earlier blog) about the OC Register’s endorsement of Mensinger, Monahan, and McCarthy today. Apparently Geoff's favorites, the three anti-M candidates, didn't convince the newspaper’s editorial board that they had a positive agenda and a plan for implementing it. That supports what I've seen in the news releases, City Council meeting comments, and blogs so far.

Missed a chance for answers

I attended a HOA BOD meeting instead of visiting with and questioning the three Anti-M’s during their casual meet-and-greet in the park (I’ll address this in a later blog). I hope I didn’t miss my only chance to get them to talk to me about their views of, and plans for, Costa Mesa. It’s been hard to get even a courteous answer from any of them at the forums – or a substantial reply to my post-forum email questions.

According to the Daily Pilot newspaper on 21 Sep, Genis, Stephens, and Weitzberg all agreed that, if they had the power (such as being elected to the CM City Council) they'd eliminate the job of Communications Director. Genis suggested replacing the position with a grant writer to bring more money into Costa Mesa.

I’ll keep trying to get them to talk with me, but there are only a few weeks left before the election.

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