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Monday, October 14, 2013

Crows repelled from Fairview

Scarecrow festival

Last weekend the kids of Costa Mesa – between the ages of “old enough to sit unattended” and “young enough to sit unattended” got a chance to play in Fairview Park.* They rode a model train from Goathill Junction out to the “Pumpkin Patch,” perusing Costa Mesan-made scarecrows en route.

There they picked out their special pumpkin and rode back to paint the pumpkin -- and/or their faces -- listen to mechanical organ music (think monkey grinder, calliope), ride a fire truck, fire their personally-built rocket, eat, drink . . .

Learned while they played 

Kids and adults got a chance to learn a little about our water supply, crime prevention, “hands onlyCPR, and amateur radio (Ham) operations that support the city.

VIP visitors

Four City Council members, at least three Parks and Recreation Commissioners, a planning Commissioner or two, the Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, and a whole bunch of City employees all visited and supported the event. The City’s CEO visited. At least two members of the 60th Anniversary main committee visited.

Several teachers visited of course; fourth graders in Costa Mesa watched a presentation and received a coloring book about Costa Mesa history during the past couple of weeks. Three of the classes built winning entries in the Scarecrow contest!

Newport-Mesa School Board members probably visited since this was an event celebrating teaching and learning Costa Mesa history. They must have visited incognito since we didn't see them. It’s said that one of the board members believes she originated the idea of a scarecrow contest but we haven't been able to reach her to learn more. It would have fueled a good conversation.

Seen scenes

Random memories of this first annual Scarecrow Festival:

The smile of a girl standing on the back of the returning fire truck “just like a fireman, daddy, just like a fireman!”  Her smile threatened to crack her face it was so wide. Four kids who wanted their rockets’ firing delayed “until the wind blows more” to get better distance on their launches.

A Parks Commissioner who diverted temporarily from a train ride to get a “Dreamsicle, I haven’t seen one of those in years.” He had walked his dog through the scarecrow area early Saturday morning wondering from a distance “why all those people are standing on the edge of the bluff looking at the golf course.” He and said puppy investigated the scarecrows and pumpkins once he was convinced he wouldn't be disturbing a ceremony.

The joggers and dog walkers who stopped at the Pumpkin Patch restrooms in the middle of their walks and runs in the early mornings Saturday and Sunday. They lost their convenience facility Sunday night – it went back to the City yard. 

The Councilwoman who visited even though walking was difficult and painful for her – she’s supported a lot of City events this year. “Support your city” takes on new meaning when it hurts to walk!

Next year bigger and even better

All in all, a great event, with a lot of support from committed and devoted volunteers and City employees – and teachers and kids and scarecrow crafters.

*Register article: Here

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