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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Doers get the job done while jerks complain

Scarecrow Festival's final meeting

Thank you” and “goodbye” were the themes celebrated Sunday by the sub-committee responsible for the “Return of the Scarecrow Festival.” The celebration included an impromptu, largely tongue-in-cheek “Kumbaya” that highlighted an interesting phenomenon; diverse, not divisive, political views.

The left and right, conservative and liberal, were represented. An employees’ union officer shared chili recipes and stories with a conservative blogger. A Democratic Party (local group) founder passed cookies to a businessman. A school teacher led retired professionals in the singing.

Each guest was treated with respect and honor – and responded in kind. Unlike Council meetings, the differences of opinion didn't spark argument or aversion – or hatred. Some kidding, yes, rancor, no.

One might guess that the guests were adults; that’s correct. One might assume all were responsible people, which was true. Six months ago every one believed that a City-sponsored, 60th Committee supported event was “locked in,” but that wasn't to happen.

DIY cum laude 

The sub-committee had to make the festival happen with their own hard work, pleading and community support. The OCME (Orange County Model Engineers) made it happen. The lovers of music machines, or mechanical music machines to them, made it happen. The city did provide some support and the event was conducted at Fairview Park, which is City property. But the small sub-committee made it all happen.

Members got along partly because they worked so hard together to overcome obstacles, some seemingly devastating. They worked together to do something good for Costa Mesa.

But there’s another reason there was no rancor at the party; no agitators. No one showed up to insult someone else because they had different ideas. No one screamed and berated and vilified another who disagreed with them. They got the job done without hatred or vitriol.

Low cost but very effective 

The City paid very little for the festival, in actual dollars or in dollars for employees’ time. The employees were cheerful, enthusiastic and helpful, not arrogant and disdainful.

For example, a truck driver arrived a little early to pick up the shelters, tables and chairs – which were supposed to be stacked and ready “so our employees don’t have to wait.” He shouted, “Hey, we can do that. We’re good at it. You guys get the other stuff done,” with a big smile on his face.

The kids loved the scarecrows, the pumpkins, the fire truck and the train ride. The adults enjoyed a beautiful day in the park surrounded by happy kids, while the City incurred minimal expense. There’s a lesson here.

Disagree respectfully, then do the work 

There are different ideas about what is good for Costa Mesa. There are varied ways to better the City. We don’t all agree about what is good for her or how to get to “better.” Working together, project by project, contract by contract, will get the job done.

Using Alinsky tactics of disruption and vilification, or following the “Police Playbook” guides to intimidation of elected officials won’t get the job done. Accusations, insults, and innuendos won’t either. Rude jerks don’t want to do the work – they just want to get their way.

Working is hard, tantrums are fun

No rude jerks were present at the final meeting and end-of-project party; they wouldn't have been welcome. The party was for doers, not for complainers. It was for the left-wingers, the right-wingers, unionists, and all of the other “--ists” -- who were doers.

Perhaps the rude jerks should be uninvited from Council meetings, too. It might give doers an opportunity to get the job done.

* Watch a trip: Here

1 comment:

  1. "Working together, project by project, contract by contract, will get the job done."

    So well said Dennis..Very similar to the tactics we used in the military that gets the mission accomplished...The doers are getting it done...

    The complainers and jerks are stuck in an unhappy, useless rut, while on a mission to nowhere....