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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guest Blog  

Today, as a contrast to the propaganda we've been studying, we're looking at a guest blog.

This is a sincere appeal that involves emotions. Notice that, in spite of his obvious resentment and anger, the author presents an appeal to his neighbors rather than trying to manipulate them. So, although his point of view is clear and he does express emotion, he does not try to fool his readers, which contrasts with propaganda as we are using the term.

He does describe what others care about or don’t (based upon their union officers’ behaviors and statements) which is not provable—one can’t tell at a distance what may concern another.  However, we believe it’s an impassioned entreaty rather than an attempt to manipulate by appeal to feelings.

Let me know if I blew it

Including the appeal as a contrast to propaganda is an editorial decision that could be an error. I’ll be happy to hear your comments, on this blog or otherwise.

Fellow CM Taxpayers,

Want to change your country?  Want to change your State?  So do I!  Then let’s change our city and invite the rest to follow.

The entire country and state is watching what’s happening in our little town of Costa Mesa because the outcome of this election will have widespread ramifications.  That scares the Unions so that they will do just about anything to stop Measure V and prevent the 3Ms from getting elected.   


This is very understandable: their gravy train is being taken away and the idea could spread across the state and maybe the country. They don’t like change and want the gravy train to continue. 

They don’t care if our streets don’t get repaired, they don’t care if our sidewalks are buckled, they don’t care if ~80% of our budget goes into their pockets; yet they certainly should care if we go bankrupt.  

As long as they get their inflated salaries and extremely generous benefit package, why should they care?   After all, they are the “bestest” and deserve top dollar, right?

Someday you'll be like us

If the current trend and mood in this country continues as it is, our union members may someday have to live under the same rules the rest of us do.  

For example, I don’t have a guaranteed return on my 401K.  If I make a bad investment decision, I lose.  But if you work for the city and don’t achieve the desired outcome in the year, the taxpayer makes up the difference.    Such a deal.  Sign me up!!

How did city workers get so powerful?   By pressuring complacent politicians and passing ridiculous union-favoring laws is how. 

Tools in place

Today in Costa Mesa we finally have in place council members willing to change our priorities and take control away from the Unions.  We should all be grateful they are taking the heat for us. I certainly am!


So please vote YES for Measure V and vote for McCarthy, Mensinger and Monahan (3Ms).

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